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At Emerald level, many children are interested in reading longer, more complex texts. Different writing styles and genres encourage children to develop their own tastes.

Connectors helps children to develop a range of thinking strategies, gain confidence through peer-learning and build oral language and listening skills. It starts with children working in small, independent groups of up to six, each with a copy of the same book. Each book explores a topical issue that gets children thinking and sharing ideas.

Reciprocal reading that stimulates children and raises reading standards fast.

A proven and cost-effective way to narrow the attainment gap

Formal classroom trials of Connectors show children’s reading age leaping forward by 9.1 months in just 12 weeks

Case studies show particular benefits for disadvantaged learners

A great way to make your Pupil Premium go further

Connectors uses proven, high-impact peer learning methods recommended by the Education Endowment Foundation. It is ideal for small-group reading at different ability levels, and particularly effective for disadvantaged learners.

A 2013 formal trial of Connectors involving 616 pupils in five UK schools showed dramatic increases in reading ability. The greatest benefits were for children on Free School Meals, whose average reading age rose by over 10 months in just 12 weeks.

Children work in small independent groups of up to six, each taking turns to be the leader as they read and discuss a book together – predicting, questioning, summarising and evaluating. This collaborative approach builds oral language and listening skills, develops a range of thinking strategies and teaches children to work in teams.

This Emerald set contains six copies each of all 12 Connectors fiction and non-fiction titles at Book Band Emerald.

Find out more and watch our videos.

“The Ofsted inspector that saw the Connectors lesson said she had never seen a book talk where everybody was so engaged and on task.” Literacy Coordinator, Ecton Brook Primary School

“The whole class loves using Connectors. It engages all the kids – the more able learners encourage the others so that they gain confidence too.” Leanne Dixon, Gateway Primary School

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