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A Series of Unfortunate Events Pack x 13

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Forget happy endings! (Or beginnings.) This woeful saga starts with death and deception, and it's downhill all the way from there. No lucky twists of fate. No lighthearted laughter. Nothing but misery and misfortune. Keep your tissues close by! The Baudelaire children, Violet, Sunny and Klaus, have just been orphaned. What could be worse than being completely alone in the world? Only one thing: having an evil uncle, Count Olaf, who wants to destroy you and steal your family's fortune! The chase is on!

The darkly funny series that made Lemony Snicket a star

Now a brand-new TV series starring Malina Weissman

Global bestsellers with over 65 million copies sold

True cult classics, twisted, wry, gothic and clever

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